Voting Opens: Australia’s Top Restaurants

AFR’s Top 100 Restaurants

The Australian Financial Review (and official sponsor, Qantas) has returned for its second year with “Australia’s Top Restaurants” program. Here’s how it works:

“Each restaurant in the Top 500 list is individually contacted and the chef or restaurateur invited to cast their votes for their 10 top restaurants in order of preference, drawn from the full list. These votes create the 2016 list of Australia’s Top 100 Restaurants.”

Food lovers also have the chance to vote for the People’s Award too! Cast your vote here. Some of our restaurants featured on the Foodie Mookie site are highlighted too! Check out our reviews of Pilu, Nel and Ormeggio.

The awards are announced on 2 May and then published in the Australian Financial Review and This is where the fun starts for us foodies … introducing

The Dining Program

From 3-23 May, there is a series of exclusive dining events all over Australia including, “one-off behind the scenes dinners based on Australia’s finest produce, to unique chef-on-chef collaborations”.

Check out the full list of special events in the Dining Program below thanks to


Get reading, booking and eating foodies. Now is the time, and there’s no time to waste!

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