The Ledbury. So exquisite, I almost ate the plate!

Restaurant: The Ledbury

Location: 127 Ledbury Rd, London W11 2AQ, United Kingdom

Chef: Brett Graham

Rank: #10 – Top Restaurants in the World 2014

Stars: 2 Michelin Stars (2014)

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When embarking on a recent culinary adventure, I booked the Ledbury (Notting Hill) after reading a great review on the Top Restaurants website. I was pleasantly surprised when entering the restaurant and the wait staff were warm, gracious and accommodating.

The freshly pressed linen-covered tables were crisp white in preparation for the delicious dishes they were about to play background for during the evening. With no hint of delay, we ordered a fresh French champagne and were immediately presented with the menus. Whilst over 100 pounds for the degustation, we didn’t hesitate to order it and await in breathless anticipation of the gastronomic delights to emerge from the kitchen.

And we were not disappointed…

Dish upon dish was served in a never ending procession of deliciously different tastes. One clear note struck me throughout the meal… this place knows how to plate!

The presentation was absolutely exquisite with different textures and materials including an amazing dish plated on bark. Fresh aromas kept invading our senses each time a dish was presented.

Chef Brett Graham runs a tight ship down in the bowels of the restaurant with a flurry of activity only a few get to experience. His enthusiasm for his clientele and willingness to test and trial new dishes on them, is refreshing and welcomed.

Overall, The Ledbury is a beautiful experience, with plenty of surprise and delight for the price you pay.


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