The Bridge Room, Sydney … Politely palatable.

With the release of Australia’s 100 Best Restaurant’s list 2015, the Mookie crew had an opportunity to dine at hatted The Bridge Room, which is #26 on the prestigious list. Sometimes when dining at restaurants, there is a confusion as to whether the experience is good, bad or indifferent, The Bridge Room was one of those times. The Bridge Room is a small and intimate room that was warmed for a cold winter’s night, mind you were were burning after a number of wines! Thankfully there is reasonable softening of the acoustics so you do not feel you are listening to everyone else’s conversations!

The food was perfectly pleasant with some delicious taste combinations in the entrees including roasted organic beetroot with radicchio butter, sheeps milk curd and pomegranate crumb. The Moreton Bay bugs were roasted in chilli paste and tamarind and served with endive, apple and celery salt. This is a text book combination of my favourite S’. Sweet, Savory, Salty, Sour and Spicy. The bugs and apple were sweet, the endive was sour/bitter and the celery salt, chilli and tamarind finished it off.

There were some other interesting entree dishes on the menu including one that we missed but should have tried – the Master Stock pigs tail, pineapple, caramelised in muscovado sugar with Cassia bark and coriander. The chef and kitchen staff are obviously talented and aim to be creative as I’ve not seen some of these combinations or ingredients used before including “puffed jobs tears”, which caused no end to the discussion about what it was and how we should try it at work! For the record jobs tears is like puffed barley…it adds a robust crunch to a sauce-laden dish.

The mains were an even combination of 3 x fish, 1 x chicken, 1 x duck, 1 x lamb and 1 beef dish. These were perfect for a winter menu (unless you are vegetarian – you can ask for a vege dish). The Robata grilled New England Lamb with garlic cream, and winter greens, artichoke in pine syrup and hop puree was delish as was the Victorian Murray code, surf clams, Chinkiang black vinegar with chilli and garlic. Completing out the dinner was the black Russian tomatoes and steamed broccolini, smoked onion puree and sweet pickled onions.

You can see from above, the meals were lovely and the food combinations were delicious.l. Which I think was why it was difficult to articulate what the restaurant stands for or what it should be known for … I’m calling it “politely palatable”. You can have a date there, take a client, take friends or family, it will deliver lovely, nice and inoffensive fine dining.

I really hope to see more from this restaurant in the future.

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