L’Arpege, Paris – Alain Passard’s approachable French Cuisine

Restaurant: L’Arpege

Location: 84 Rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France

Chef: Alain Passard

Rank: #25 – Top Restaurants in the World 2014

Stars: 3 Michelin Stars (2014)

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After a particularly tiring day in Paris, we headed to the reputable l’Arpege for an early dinner. Seeking a traditional French dining experience, we were not disappointed. The degustation was an incredibly high 395 euros which was without wine! Sucking in our breath and hurtling towards culinary devastation, we selected it anyway and prayed for the best!

The delicate egg presented to us was a beautiful creamy shell of deliciousness that immediately set our fears at ease, it was straight after a colourful plate of various tastes and textures including sweet beetroot creme. A very plain dish was placed in front of me and I started to think we may have made the wrong choice, but the radish sushi was divine with a hint of nutmeg (?) on the finish. This was followed swiftly by strawberry salad which was a perfect order after such delicate dishes.

This is where the meal got interesting. Chef Alain Passard made his way through the tables and greeted us as we had mouthfuls of his delicious creations. After a brief chat, he gratefully accepted a glass of our wine and continued to visit during the meal. This was such a fantastic way to enjoy the night. with the personal attention of a three Michelin-starred Chef. Chef Passard even made a point of finding a picture of where the lamb dish came from and clipped it out of the magazine to give to us.

The evening was a lovely way to end a busy Parisian day. To my surprise, the dishes were approachable and modern with a strong traditional undertone. I would easily say it was the epitome of French cuisine in 2014…

We left with a spring in our step, buoyed by the lightness of our wallets.


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