Dinner by Heston Blumenthal – The Willy Wonka of Posh Nosh

Restaurant: Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Location: Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, 66 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7LA

Chef: Ashley Palmer-Watts

Rank: #5 – Top Restaurants in the World 2014Dinner_by_Heston_1086

Stars: 2 Michelin Stars (2014)

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Well this is a restaurant that you go to when you can’t get to The Fat Duck! Just kidding.

I like the experiential nature of Mr Blumenthal and his chemistrophic gastronoscience creations. This restaurant boasts one of my all time Top 10 dishes “Meat and Fruit” which was an lovely surprise and delight dish of orange and pate (see pics). With a touch of irony, I was told it originated from The Fat Duck!

Located in the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park (Knightsbridge), it is perfect for some posh nosh after work or even for a special occasion. The extraordinary high ceilings could have created a vacuous, cold, warehouse feel, but the beautiful floor to ceiling windows overlooking Hyde Park gardens and the warm, leathery decor keeps it comfortable and inviting.

The wait staff were well versed in the cuisine and managed to up-sell several times during our meal to the point where I ate three desserts! Towards the back of the restaurant you are seated with excellent views of the kitchen so you can see the inner machinations or as I like to call it regimented chaos.

The Iberico pork chop was absolutely delicious as was the scallops and of course the pate, aka “Meat and Fruit”. If you have the chance do partake in the ice cream special that is made at your table. It makes you feel like you are in Willy Wonka land.

If you have a few hundred pound to spend on Dinner, it is a lot of fun!


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