Dined and gone to BBQ heaven – Burnt Ends Singapore

Restaurant: Burnt Ends

20 Teck Lim Road, Singapore 088391

Chef: Dave Pynt

Awards: #14 (Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants)

Having only just arrived to Singapore, Pookie meets a colleague at their office which just happens to be a short walk from what is literally the hottest dining experience in this tiny island nation. Ironically Burnt Ends serves Australia BBQ. Walking on over to enquire as to the availability of a walk-in table we are told earliest available is 10.30pm. “Are you kidding me?” my colleague says in disgust. He looks across to me and I shrug and say “I flew from Sydney to dine here, sorry”. The floor manager scribbles down our name and makes a note. We wander off to find a place for a quiet drink and nibbles while we wait for the next 3 and a half hours. Having found a quiet bar and order my friend receives a call from Burnt Ends, we have had a cancellation can you be here in 5 – can we ever! We down our drinks and scurry back to the venue. Our seats are at the counter in front of the grill and as luck would have it the Sommelier is serving us – we settle in for a superb night of super tasty food.

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Australian chef Dave Pynt has designed every aspect of Burnt Ends. The brick kiln over and 4 grills, the wood finishes and the smoky scent that permeates the restaurant. Pynt spent a little time at Noma in its glory days before joining Arguinzoniz at Asador Etxebarri (Pynt counts legend Victor Arguinzoniz as a mentor). He then hit the london seen with Supper Club and Long Table initiatives before starting the popup predecessor (Burnt Enz) to his current place in Singapore.This man really knows how to work with fire and flavour – simple and delicious.

Pookie is a wine guy and spotting a favourite tasted at Vue de Monde he choose the Floriata Reisling by Jim Barry – a superb drop for the earlier parts of the meal. The sommelier recommends the leek, hazelnut and brown butter as his chosen match for the wine and he isn’t wrong. Never have leeks tasted so good. Simply amazing. The ring-in colleague is more of a cold beer fan and he isn’t certainly is disappointed for choice and proceeds to sample his way through a selection. The other highlight dishes include the kingfish and chimmichurri, the burnt ends sanga, and the ridiculously expensive 45 day dry aged Mayura OP rib. When Pookie says expensive he means it -better organise the 2nd mortgage before you arrive.

This was possibly the most memorable dining experience Pookie has enjoyed since Brae (see review here). Its never just about the food (though that was superb) but the combination of attentiveness from the sommelier, the company of a great friend, the end of a stressful week and cheerful and engaging fellow diners (who got to share the steak that requires a 2nd mortgage) and the fact the restaurant had moved us up the waitlist make for one of those unforgettably pleasant memories that will last for years to come.

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