True silver service! Les Amis Singapore

Restaurant: Les Amis

1 Scotts Road, #01-16 Shaw Centre, Singapore

Chef: Sebastien Lepinoy

Awards: #12 (Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants)

Having over-indulged the night prior (see Burnt Ends review here) and then sampled some of the best modern Singaporean food to be found (see Wild Rocket review here) the Foodie Mookie invited a friend to visit a bastion of fine dining french cuisine – Les Amis, which has been around since the 90’s. After its face lift in 2015 the Foodie Mookie crew have been looking forward to trying this regular contender on the Asia’s Best 50 restaurants list. We are seated on the mezzanine and astounded by the depth and quality of the wine list.

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Chef Sebastion Lepinoy joined Les Amis in 2013 have been a protégé of Joël Robuchon. He has recently installed a custom designed (by Lepinoy himself) Charvet stove-top island imported from France. Lepinoy, formerly at Cépage in Hong Kong, is just as fastidious about his selection of ingredient and from whence they are sourced resulting in Les Amis gradually climbing the ranks of Asia best restaurants.

Having selected the smallest of the tasting menus we dined our way through some excellent food. The highlight were the Aubrac sweetbreads “Ris Dd Veau” were cooked perfectly with a simple carrot and whipped potato, the French Sea Bass from Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-vie was superb. Some of the dishes were astoundingly delicate and pretty. The hazelnut souffle was simply put a perfect dish. The meal was only slightly marred by the lobster salad was unbalanced in flavour and the roasted asparagus being heavy in butter and then served with a heavy sauce – the beautifully delicate flavour of the white asparagus was drowned.

Overall this was the Foodie Mookie crew’s best meal in Singapore simply because of a the stellar wine list, superb silver service and a near perfect menu. Its good to get back to proper silver service fine dining and we cant think of a better place to do this in Asia than Les Amis. This is a must try if you haven’t been before. Tip for travellers save this restaurant for a very special occasion, its not inexpensive and neither should it be. A good meal with great wine, great service and great company!

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