Top 10 Must Try Desserts in Sydney

Amazing must try desserts in Sydney

Do you have a desire to indulge? Foodie Chewy has done the hard work for you and discovered the Top 10 must try desserts in Sydney. Yes we know, tough job but someone has to do it!

1. Gelato Flowers, i-Creamy Artisan Gelato – Sydney CBD

Who could resist such gorgeous rose patterned gelato? Previously in Bondi Junction and now tucked away in Skyway Plaza along George St. I-Creamy Artisan Gelato is a treat. It’s almost mesmerising watching the gradually sculpted gelato scooped into the waffle cone petal by petal. Indulge in award-winning Asian flavours like Pandan Coconut and Green Tea or maybe classics like Milk Chocolate and Espresso or for the young at heart, Bubble-gum. If you are not up to the novelty presentation but the standard flavours, you can go for the scoops too.

  • IMG: Gelato Flowers, i-Creamy Artisan Gelato

2. Lost in Zen Garden Brioche Toast, Devon Cafe – Surry Hills

I am not a French toast connoisseur but this is probably the best that I’ve tasted so far. Lost in Zen Garden’s Brioche French Toast topped with Olive Oil Ice-cream, Yuzu Curd, Mandarin, Matcha Soil with dollops of Meringue. The distinctive flavour of olive ice cream pairs well with the acidity of the yuzu and mandarin. The coming together of all elements has created a well-balanced and amazing dessert. The café is temporarily closed and will move to Barangaroo soon.

  • IMG: Lost in Zen Garden: Brioche French Toast

3. Pufferfish Yoghurt Ice-cream, Zero Degrees – Sydney CBD

Regent Place has again decided to take in another new dessert destination alongside Chanoma, Uncle Tetsus and Aqua S. A Korean inspired dessert – their signature fish waffle cone topped with a range of yoghurt ice-cream choices. Try the flavours of strawberry cheesecake and blueberry lemonade. You get a little bonus of ‘red bean’ at the end of the cone for a nice finish on the palette. If you are opting for extra toppings, they do fruit and hollow wafer sticks as well.

  • IMG: Pufferfish Yoghurt Ice-cream, Zero Degrees

4. Nutella Cronut, The Tiny Giant – Petersham

Fancy some tiny bites of cronut goodness? Cronuts are nothing new in Sydney but good cronuts are hard to find. Visit this neighbourhood gem but be prepared to line up wait as The Tony Giant is often packed during weekends. They have a selection of cronuts to order but the most popular one is the Nutella Cronut. Complete with syringe of Nutella goodness, you can inject the cronut with as little or as much as you like. You will seriously become a little more addicted with every bite. Your waist might not thank you but I bet you return again and again.

  • IMG: Cronuts, The Tiny Giant

5. Green Tea Croissant, Top Impression Bakery & Patisserie Cafe – Wolli Creek

Love indulging in a buttery croissant fresh-from-the-oven? Visit this bakery in Wolli Creek. They have other amazing bread selection but green tea croissant will blow your tastebuds and watching the green tea cream ooze out is hypnotic. They have made limited amount of these babies so they sell out pretty quick. You can have a peak at how the breads are made in the kitchen window too. If you are a green tea fan like me you should order a green tea latte to go with the croissant.

  • IMG: Green Tea Croissant, Top Impression Bakery & Patisserie Cafe
  • IMG: Green Tea Croissant, Top Impression Bakery & Patisserie Cafe

6. Strawberry Watermelon cake, Black Star Pastry

For a few years now, overseas visitors coming to Sydney have picked this as a must-try dessert. So what is the hype? It’s not the traditional, sinful and dense-type of cake, but the modern approach in flavour and colours. It is all about the watermelon’s freshness, the lightness of almond dacquoise and the scent of rose which has intricately constructed such a delectable fusion dessert. Yum!

  • IMG: Strawberry Watermelon cake, Black Star Pastry

7. The Choc Pot, The Choc Pot – Chatswood Interchange

Yes! When the signature dessert has the same name as the place, you know it must be good. This dessert will have your tastebuds in a spasm. I have never been a chocolate dessert fan (shock!) but this dessert deserves a spot on my list. Dig into this eruption of smooth devilish molten chocolate fondant and ‘clean’ the pot to your desire. It is your choice to have it while it’s warm or let the fondant cool down and eat it like a melted cake. Order an extra scoop of vanilla ice-cream if this is too chocolaty for you. I would also recommend their waffles drizzle with chocolate.

  • IMG: The Choc Pot, Chatswood Interchange

8. Durian Shake, Café Nho – Cabramatta

Would consider this a dessert? I do! Durian is the “King of fruits” and can be found abundantly in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Some people might mistake this spiky and smelly fruit as a gas leak due to its potent scent and taste. But to durian lovers, they will fall in love with this heavenly durian milkshake bursting with fruity creaminess. If durian is not your kind of thing, Cafe Nho has other fruit shakes including jackfruit and avocado. It’s worth the trek to Cabramatta.

  • IMG: Durian Shake, Café Nho

9. Zumbarons, Adriano Zumbo – Balmain (and serveral other locations)

What makes an impeccable macaron? For me a decent macaron needs to have egg shell like crust and soft almost meringue texture. It is a bonus if they come in an abundance of quirky flavours. These are the “zumbarons”. Though this dessert is not something new in Sydney, the patisserie has an impeccable reputation for its quality macarons, cakes and pastries. My all-time favourites are the passionfruit and popcorn. Adriano Zumbo’s recipe is no longer a secret recipe, but to be honest, not everyone has the master skills to making them this delicious.

  • IMG: Zumbarons, Adriano Zumbo

10. Sweet Potato Cake, Pishon Café – Eastwood

How do I describe something that is ordinary yet irresistible? Sweet Potato Cake is my all-time comfort dessert. At Pishon Cafe, the sponge is fluffy as pillow, sandwiched between layers of sweet potato mousse. You will adore the tiny chunks of sweet potato hidden within and the crumbles of sweet potato on top. Have a slice on your own or buy a whole to share with family and friends. I am sure they will appreciate it very much.

  • IMG: Sweet Potato Cake - Cafe Nho

If you have any other must try desserts in Sydney, let us know!


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