Style @ Selfie, Moscow

Restaurant: Selfie

Location: ТЦ “Новинский Пассаж”, Novinskiy boulevard, 31, Moskva, Russia, 123242

Cuisine: Fine dining, modern Russian with degustation/tasting menu option


Selfie restaurant sits in a building beside one of the 7 sisters of Moscow, buildings built during Stalin’s USSR. Some-what ironic when entering what can only be described as a Bolshovic style restaurants full of wealthy business people and the idly wealthy Moscovites. Another restaurant from the acclaimed team at White Rabbit (arguably Russia’s most fashionable of restaurants) Selfie is an exercise in minimalist style decor meets fusion flavours of the east and west. Interesting, for the entire visit, the Foodie Mookie crew did not observe a single Selfie in progress, though we did witness the staff melt-down cause by recent legislative changes to the POS terminal system.

Vladimir Mukhin and Anatoly Kazakov head the exposed kitchen intended to be the beating heart of selfie. Admittedly the kitchen falls short of its mission, being only briefly perused on the Crew’s trip to their table and brief visits to the bathrooms. More of an interesting aside, perhaps the format of Florilege or Momo-fuku Seibo should be considered, than the centrepiece of the restaurant the kitchen does however output some fabulous flavours international flavours with local ingredient twist. Pookie feels that Selfie is a mis-nomer, he being fascinated by the obvious wealth of some of the mainly business patrons, he feels the restaurant would be better called Voyeur perhaps.

The food at Selfie is however an excellent combination of Russian local produce with international techniques and an obvious Asian influence in flavours. Particular highlights include the Scallop cevice with raspberries, Chicken Liver salad with Pomegranate. Grilled avocado with chimichurri sauce was a distinct and appreciated novelty. Grilled octopus and medium rare Beef tenderloin were great with accompanying 2014 Domain Leflaive Puligny Montrachet and 2010 Clos Martinet Priorat respectively. The chef, in appreciation of an offer of a glass of the Priorat sends a lemon sorrel dessert with basil sorbet to complete the luncheon.

Selfie is in interesting restaurant, unique in approach but the Foodie Mookie crew find themselves wondering as they leave the establishment if the rapid entry into the San Pelligrino world best 100 list is more political or novelty based as the total experience whilst excellent did not stand out to the level of sophistication or sublime that one would expect. Perhaps a dinner booking would bare witness to additional wonder to awe diners… perhaps not. Foodie Mookie will advise when next in Moscow 😉




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