Mugaritz, San Sebastian – Spain

Restaurant: Mugaritz

Location: Aldura Aldea, 20 20100 Errenteria Gipuzkoa

Chef: Andoni Luis Aduriz

Rank: #6 – Top Restaurants in the World 2014

Stars: 2 Michelin Stars (2014)

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Nestled in the misty hills about 25 minutes from San Sebastian, stands Mugaritz. This unassuming and peaceful location is a ruse disguising the manic, creative atmosphere behind the scenes. Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz is passionate about the surrounds, sourcing inspiration from the forest, sea and orchards near by. It was an exciting adventure to traipse up the winding hillside, it felt like it was meant to be part of the ultra-sensory experience. We arrive on dusk to be greeted by a lovely host who quickly encouraged us to sit in the courtyard before serving some amuse bouche-style starters. Very quickly we chattered about the different and the delicate touches to our first bites of the cuisine. Curiously throughout this part of the meal, three green, hairy domes sat as the centrepiece on our table. Just as we were finishing the last of our starters, it was the time to pick up the centrepeices and eat them! A mixture of creamy, salty and furry combined to cleanse our a palette and move us on to be seated in the main restaurant.


The restaurant is wonderfully spacious, the other tables are far enough away that you can talk without being overheard and close enough for the room not to feel cold and uninviting.


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