About Mookie

A passionately positive foodie who loves travelling the world and experiencing what the best chefs in the world have to offer. Based in Sydney, Australia, Mookie also loves to dine locally and uncover great restaurants, chefs and food combinations with her #foodiemookie crew.

Flourishing Florilege Tokyo Review

It is a given that most foodies choose a restaurant based on the style and quality of the food. On a trip to Tokyo, Florilege was a rare time that the choice to dine was based on a rumoured ‘immersive’ experience as well as the fact it had been named as ‘one to watch’ by [...]

Sublime Sushi – Shinzi By Kanesaka Review

Restaurant: Shinzi by Kanesaka @ The Regis Location: 29 Tanglin Road, Singapore, 247911, Singapore Chef: Shunsuke Kikuchi Cuisine: Traditional Japanese Sushi & Sashimi Omakase Awards: 1 Michelin Star, #44 Asia’s Best 50 Restaurants 2017 Book a Table Having heard good things about the quality and hankering for the simple yet sublime flavours of good sushi Pookie chose to [...]

Dining At Steve’s Café & Cuisine, Bangkok

Restaurant: Steve’s Café & Cuisine Location: 68 Sri Ayuthaya road, Soi Sri Ayuthaya 21 (Devet), Vachiraphayabaan, Dusit, Bangkok 10300 Cuisine: Authentic Thai Cuisine Make a reservation When travelling it always surprises me how often I end up making unplanned connections that see me travel through unexplored streets on a culinary adventure. When querying a reputable [...]

World Edible Insect Day

World Edible Insect Day is here - but why should we care? When the much-loved NOMA decided to ‘pop up’ in Sydney, food innovation was expected and Rene Redzepi and his team did not disappoint. The NOMA team scoured the Australian flora and fauna for unique scents and flavours to infuse into their Australian menu. [...]

Flavoursome flair – Cuisine Wat Damnak REVIEW

It takes a dedicated foodie-come-food-writer to travel 7200km to experience a chef's menu, but this restaurant was first to be booked on my recent Thai-Khmer travels. This unassuming restaurant can be found in a traditional wooden house in one of the many unlit streets in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Anointed as one of the best restaurants [...]

Faboosh – Bouche on Bridge REVIEW

It takes a ballsy, confident chef to open up across the road from a former employer, especially one the calibre of Eleven Bridge (Neil Perry). This is the first inkling to expect something out of the norm when dining at Bouche on Bridge, the now home and hearth of British-born executive chef Harry Stockdale-Powell (ex [...]